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Written question to nordic governments about Catalonia

As a member of Nordic Council, I have issued a written question to all the governments of Nordic countries as well as the Minister Council of the Nordic Council about the situtation in Catalonia. I want to explore what we can do to help Catalonia and Spain negotiate. At the same time I am asking whether the Nordic countries could issue a joint statement condemning all violence in Catalonia and asking Spain and Catalonia to come together to a negotiating table.

Nordic governments and the Minister Council have three weeks time to answer my question.

You can read the written question in its entirity below:

Written question to the governments of Nordic countries and the Minister Council on the crisis in Catalonia

Referendum on self-determination was held in Catalonia on 1 October. Referendum has been generally undertood as illegal and against the Spanish constitution. However Spain attempted to prevent it by using coarsive measures and as a result of police violence almost 900 people were injured. Measures of force were condemned broadly worldwide, but the European Commission has been confusingly silent on the matter, commenting just that it’s Spain’s internal matter.

Result of the referendum was in favor of independence. Catalonia didn’t however issue a unilateral declaration of independence, but has been systematicly seeking dialogue with Spain and requested international mediation. Spain hasn’t accepted this and instead said to activite article 155 of the constitution paving the way for direct control of Catalan government.

It is naturally clear that the EU should respect the constitutions of its sovereign member states. Nonetheless it’s also clear that the union should aim to guarantee the safety of all of its citizens and defend democracy as well as the subsidiary principle of decision-making. Spain is trying to solve a political problem with only legalistic ways. Effectiveness of this kind of problem solving has been proven to be quite weak.

President of the Generalitat of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont held a speech last Tuesday in which he said that Catalonia has earned the right for independence. But he repeated his request to negotiate and mediate the situation with Spain. Spain responded by demanding Catalonia to clarify whether it has declared independence or not. Situation is for the time being static, but the danger of escalation is real.

Regardless of one’s opinions on the independence aspirations of Catalonia, political violence is not part of European or Nordic values. This must be condemned in strongest possible terms. Also it is clear, that Nordic countries must advance democracy and civil rights, and seek negotiated solutions to difficult matters both within and outside of Nordic countries.

Nordic council was consituted by the Treaty of Helsinki. According to its article 36 ”measures aimed at disseminating greater information about the Nordic countries and Nordic co-operation should be taken in close collaboration between the High Contracting Parties and their foreign information services. Joint approaches and arrangements may be considered where these are deemed appropriate.”

Based on aforementioned and referring to the article 57, I ask all governments of Nordic countries as well as the Minister Council:

How can Nordic countries jointly advance the prospects of finding a negotiated solution to the crisis between Spain and Catalonia? And can the Nordic countries issue a joint statement asking Spain and Catalonia to find a solution through negotiations, and state that Nordic countries don’t approve violence in Catalonia?

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Käyttäjän hannumononen kuva
Hannu Mononen


Are the Kingdom of Spain and Catalonia as its Autonomous Community really in need of advice from outsiders in how to arrange the regional government? Have the parties involved ever requested outside mediators in their dispute?

Violence in civilized countries can be condemned of course, regardless of who is guilty of it, and the preference of negotiated settlements is self-evident. But beyond that, why should the Nordic Countries ever interfere in internal disputes of any other sovereign countries, whose historic backgrounds and traditions they have no way of understanding thoroughly?

Would Mr Kärnä wish for Spaniards or Catalans to take stands and offer their advice for example in matters regarding the relations between the ethnic Sami minority and the Republic of Finland?

Käyttäjän JanneSalonen11 kuva
Janne Salonen

Eilen kävi ilmi että jälkisyntyisen Katalonian itsenäisyystaistelijamme motiivit taitavat liittyä ns.valeuutisointiin ainakin sairaalahoitoa tarvitsevien ja muun poliisiväkivallan osalta. Käännöksessä tosin ei enää puhuta sairaaloista. Milloin Kärnä aikaisemmin on perehtynyt Katalonian itsenäisyyden problematiikkaan?

Onneksi Suomen ulkopoliittinen johto on enemmän jalat maassa ja toivotaan että ulkomailla ymmärtävät elämöinnin olevan Kärnän, Halla-ahon ja parin muun yksityisajattelua.

Kaipaako joku lisää "soittakaa Kataloniasn jos Suomi joskus tarvitsee apua" -tyylisiä vastauksia Kärnän provosointiin?

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